UK Chemists and Dispensing Pharmacies map
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Choose from the following list of Pharmacies and Chemists in London,

List of local Chemists and Dispensing Pharmacies, click any of the results below for more details and location map of the Chemists :

Morrell and Dixon, London BR1 4PH

National Co-Op Chemists Ltd, London DA7 5QR

Moss Chemists, London E1 0LB

Shanty's, London E1 1DB

Beck and Sherman Pharmacy, London E1 1DE

Rigcharm Pharmacy, London E1 2QE

Medichem, London E1 4LR

Regionchoice Ltd, London E1 5QJ

Meraj Pharmacy, London E10 5EL

Marijak Ltd, London E10 6AE

Meraj Pharmacy, London E10 6JP

Safedale Limited, London E10 6PP

Marijak Ltd, London E10 6QE

MS Dispensing Chemist, London E10 7EA

Anjis, London E10 7LA

Hainault Chemist, London E11 1EA

Woodside Pharmacy, London E11 1HH

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London E11 1HQ

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London E11 2AE

Burns Chemist, London E11 3HR

Granshaw's Chemist, London E11 3NJ

Acheason Dispensing Chemist, London E11 4HH

Safedale Dispensing Chemist, London E11 4HS

Latchman, London E11 4RD

Blacks Pharmacy, London E12 5AD

Church Road Pharmacy, London E12 6AQ

Anthony's Pharmacy Ltd, London E12 6EA

Duncans Pharmacy, London E12 6PQ

Catto Chemist, London E12 6RH

Solanky MK, London E12 6SA

Prime Pharmacy, London E12 6SB

Rohpharm Limited, London E13 0AJ

Pharmaram Chemist, London E13 0PB

Kalhan Ltd, London E13 0QA

Weston Ltd, London E13 8EE

Newmans Chemist, London E13 8HL

RS Rattan Dispensing Chemist, London E13 8QE

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London E13 9AP

Superdrug Pharmacy, London E13 9AR

Clockwork Pharmacy Ltd, London E13 9ER

Gregory Oliver, London E13 9HH

Allens Pharmacy, London E14 3PQ

Boots The Chemist, London E14 5NY

Chemifarm, London E15 1SQ

Safedale Ltd, London E15 1UA

Stratford Pharmacy, London E15 1XE

Goodall Pharmacy, London E15 2BX

Medina Pharmacy Limited, London E15 3ER

Wagpharm Chemist, London E15 3JF

Connocks Chemist, London E15 4HG

Day Lewis Pharmacy, London E16 2LL

Day Lewis Pharmacy, London E16 3AR

Chapharm Ltd, London E16 3JL

Sherman Chemists, London E16 4HP

Abc Pharmacies, London E17 3LL

National Co-Op Chemists Ltd, London E17 3NL

Triplesave (Chemists) Ltd, London E17 4AZ

Forest Dispensing Chemists, London E17 4PP

Akshar Pharmacies, London E17 5BZ

K Macgregors Chemist, London E17 5NB

Lloyds Chemist, London E17 5RQ

Cavendish Pharmacy, London E17 6HD

Waterman Pharmacy, London E17 6JG

National Co-Op Chemists Ltd, London E17 7AD

DP Mark Chemists, London E17 7JH

The Pill Box, London E17 7PJ

Zonebrow, London E17 7PJ

St.james Dispensing Chemist, London E17 7PN

Beaconsfield Pharmacy, London E17 8LE

Keycircle Ltd, London E17 8PX

Harvans Pharmacy, London E17 9AP

Medicos Dispensing Chemist, London E17 9AP

Grove Pharmacy, London E17 9BU

Whipps Cross Pharmacy, London E17 9DS

Gregory Oliver Ltd, London E18 1AN

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London E18 1AY

Churchfields Pharmacy, London E18 2PB

Tower Pharmacy, London E1W 2RL

Britannia Pharmacy, London E2 0PG

Sinclairs, London E3 5EL

ABC Pharmacy, London E3 5ES

Hatch Pharmacy, London E4 6LQ

National Co-Op Chemists Ltd, London E4 6LQ

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London E4 6SJ

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London E4 7BJ

Kingshead Chemist, London E4 7PA

Benjamin Pharmacy, London E4 8LP

National Co-Op Chemists Ltd, London E4 8LP

Emberhart Ltd, London E4 9AA

National Co-Op Chemists Ltd, London E4 9LD

Borno Chemists Ltd, London E4 9PT

Kalpesh Chemist, London E5 0HD

Regal Pharmacy, London E5 0LP

Safedale Ltd, London E5 0NS

Fa Strange Chemist, London E5 8EQ

Mistry HL, London E5 8PL

Safedale Ltd, London E5 9BU

Meaks Chemists Ltd, London E6 1HS

SK Bagga Ltd, London E6 2HT

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London E6 2HT

Ghir Limited, London E6 2SA

Kingsway Chemists, London E6 3BA

Frank Mays Pharmacy, London E6 3BP

Blakeberry Ltd, London E6 3RL

Day Lewis Pharmacy, London E6 5JS

Beckton Pharmacy, London E6 5LX

Royal Docks Pharmacy, London E6 5NA

Blakeberry Ltd, London E6 6EN

Malchem, London E7 0EL

Shan Chemist, London E7 8AB

Mansons Chemists, London E7 8BA

Crailmay Ltd, London E7 8JG

Weston Ltd, London E7 8LQ

Akro Pharmacy, London E7 8NP

Day Lewis Pharmacy, London E7 9HD

Mayors Dispensing Chemist, London E7 9PA

Easton Pharmacy, London E8 1HP

Devs Chemist, London E8 1NH

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London E8 2NS

Megtraco Pharmacy, London E8 4AE

Norlington Ltd, London E8 4PH

Silverfields, London E9 5QG

Tesco Instore Pharmacy, London E9 6ND

K Sonigra Chemist, London E9 7PX

Niemans Chemist Ltd, London EC1A 9AL

Greenlight Healthcare Ltd, London EC1R 4QL

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London EC2M 2AB

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London EC4M 7DX

Tesco Stores, London IG8 8HR

Clan Chemist, London N1 1RA

Rose Chemists, London N1 2LJ

Finstead (Hoxton) Ltd, London N1 6QH

Endo Chemist, London N1 9ER

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London N10 1DJ

Dukes Pharmacy, London N10 1DJ

Abbott Pharmacy, London N10 1LR

Muswell Hill Pharmacy, London N10 3HN

M C Rx Ltd, London N10 3RS

Coopers Chemist, London N11 1AH

H Haria Chemists, London N11 1NE

Warwick Pharmacy, London N11 2EU

Lloyds Chemists, London N12 9AY

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London N12 9QR

Mcrx, London N12 9QU

Torrington Park H.C.C. Ltd, London N12 9SS

Aldermans Pharmacy, London N13 4PN

NR Patel Chemists, London N13 4SE

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London N13 4YB

Palmers Chemist, London N13 4YB

Morrisons Pharmacy, London N13 4YD

Walkers (Chemists) Ltd, London N13 5PB

Greens Pharmacy, London N13 6JU

C and M Whipman Chemists, London N14 4EY

Parkview Pharmacy, London N14 4XA

Waterhouse K Ltd, London N14 5EN

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London N14 5PH

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London N14 6LD

Lloyds Chemists, London N14 6LH

Allcures Pharmacy, London N15 3PB

Tesco Pharmacy, London N15 4AJ

Coopers Pharmacy, London N15 4DJ

The Cadge Pharmacy, London N15 4JR

Dobber Pharmacy (Chemgrange Ltd), London N15 5NR

Safedale Ltd, London N15 6EP

Mansons Chemists Ltd, London N15 6JR

Safedale Ltd, London N16 0AP

Dunsmure Pharmacy, London N16 5JY

Safeway Stores Ltd, London N16 5SR

DP Mark Chemists, London N16 6LU

Benjamin Chemists, London N16 7JD

Safedale Ltd, London N16 9DL

Allen Pharmacy, London N16 9PA

E Moss Ltd, London N16 9PX

Napclan Ltd, London N17 0DH

Grace Pharmacy, London N17 0HJ

AJ Rones Pharmacy, London N17 6QB

Napclan (UK) Ltd, London N17 6SB

Phillips Chemist, London N17 6XF

GF Porter Chemist, London N17 7BU

Beauty-Chem Dispensing Chemist, London N17 7LH

Napclan (UK) Ltd, London N17 8HH

Dowsett Pharmacy, London N17 9DD

Medicure Dispensing Chemist, London N17 9JD

Guardian Pharmacy Ltd, London N17 9SX

Scotts Pharmacy, London N18 1RP

Bees Dispensing Chemist, London N18 2JB

JC Wise Ltd, London N18 2SL

Keats Pharmacy, London N18 2TY

Green Cross (London) Ltd, London N18 2TZ

CW Andrew, London N2 9PJ

HJ Shore Dispensing Chemist, London N20 0BA

AE Lipkin, London N20 0EX

Oakleigh Pharmacy, London N20 0TX

Alliance Pharmacy, London N20 9HJ

Boots The Chemist Ltd, London N20 9HS

Bella Donna Pharmacy, London N21 2AD

Michael Franklin (Chemists) Ltd, London N21 3RE

Sainsbury's Pharmacy, London N21 3RS

Cross Chemist, London N22 5DJ

J Lord Chemist, London N22 5DJ

Morrisons Pharmacy, London N22 6BH

M C Rx Ltd, London N22 6DS

Savemore Pharmacy, London N22 6SA

Alpha Pharmacy, London N22 8ED

Crescent Pharmacy, London N22 8HH

M C Rx Ltd, London N22 8HH

Guardian Pharmacy Ltd, London N22 8JW

Tesco Stores Ltd, London N3 1XP

Aucklands Pharmacy, London N3 1XP

Pickles Chemists, London N3 1XT

Cootes Pharmacy, London N3 2DN

King AJ, London N3 3HP

Renton Chemist Ltd, London N4 2NH

Santas Limited, London N4 3RN

Hayward Pharmacy, London N6 4EJ

M Simmonds, London N6 6QS

York Chemist, London N7 9LW

Avenue Pharmacy Ltd, London N8 0DU

Scorpius Pharmacy, London N8 0QY

Medisense Pharmacy Ltd, London N8 7PS

Petter Pharmacy, London N8 8DT

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London N8 8DU

Reena Pharmacy, London N8 8DU

Coral Pharmacy Ltd, London N8 8LA

Petter Pharmacy, London N8 8PL

Amy Pharmacy, London N8 8SY

Saigrace Pharmacy, London N8 9BG

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London N9 0HW

Superdrug Pharmacy, London N9 0TZ

Vms Pharmacy Ltd, London N9 7ES

Alexander G, London N9 7HB

Virens Chemist, London N9 8AG

Aqua Chemists, London N9 8JE

Skot Dispensing Chemists, London N9 9BA

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London NW1 2HS

Greenlight Pharmacy, London NW1 2PA

Kings Pharmacy, London NW1 4BU

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London NW1 7JY

Gudkas, London NW10 0AD

Globe Pharmacy, London NW10 1EJ

Clockwork Pharmacy Ltd, London NW10 1QJ

Coopers Chemist, London NW10 2PB

Nischem Pharmacy, London NW10 2PJ

Spivack Chemist, London NW10 2SL

Dollmeads Dispensing Chemist, London NW10 3ND

Greenfield Pharmacy, London NW10 3ND

Craven Park Pharmacy, London NW10 4AG

Catto Chemist, London NW10 4NS

Chana Chemist, London NW10 4SL

Brights Dispensing Chemist, London NW10 8QD

Brentmead Chemists, London NW10 9NH

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London NW11 0QS

Westlake Pharmacy, London NW11 7ES

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London NW11 7RR

Nl Wade Ltd, London NW11 9ES

Maxwell Gordon, London NW2 1EX

Akshar Pharmacies, London NW2 1HR

W Price (Chemist), London NW2 1NT

Greenlight Healthcare Ltd, London NW2 3HD

Gimmack WN (Chemist) Ltd, London NW2 3HT

Mistry Chemist, London NW2 4NH

Gimmack Wn Chemists Ltd, London NW2 4NH

Craig Thomson Chemist, London NW2 4RA

R and C Pharmacy, London NW2 5SJ

Keats Pharmacy Ltd, London NW3 1NH

Barrys Trading Company Ltd, London NW3 4AX

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London NW3 4QG

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London NW3 6JP

Superdrugs, London NW3 6JP

Sainsburys, London NW3 6LU

Sabel Chemist Limited, London NW4 2DT

HC Heard Chemists, London NW4 2EA

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London NW4 3FB

John Wilson Chemists, London NW4 3UX

Hendon Pharmacy, London NW4 3XH

CJ Pharmacy, London NW4 4EB

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London NW5 2EA

Ramco Dispensing Chemist, London NW6 1LJ

HV Thomas, London NW6 1NB

Hill Pharmacy, London NW6 1NF

Abc Pharmacies, London NW6 5AD

Queens Park Pharmacy, London NW6 6NJ

Hyperchem Pharmacy, London NW6 6NL

ABC Drugstores Ltd, London NW6 7JR

Kings Pharmacy, London NW6 7QB

Bliss Chemist, London NW6 7SX

E A Gomm Chemist, London NW7 1LB

Regent Pharmacy, London NW7 2NU

Care Chemists, London NW7 3DA

Acorn Pharmacy, London NW7 3JR

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London NW7 3LH

Hodgetts Chemist, London NW8 0AE

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London NW8 7SG

Judds (Chemists) Ltd, London NW9 0BT

Co-Op Chemists, London NW9 8JS

Leigh Pharmacy Ltd, London NW9 8LU

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London NW9 9ED

Dales Chemist, London NW9 9EG

Kubri Chemist, London NW9 9EG

Amadi's Chemist, London SE1 3NP

Asda Pharmacy, London SE1 5AG

Ar Chemist, London SE1 5TY

Lloyds Pharmacy, London SE1 6AD

Classic Pharmacy, London SE1 6ER

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London SE1 6TB

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London SE1 9SP

Duncans Pharmacy, London SE10 8JA

Geepharm Chemists, London SE10 8PB

Meridian Pharmacy, London SE10 9BJ

PE Logan Ltd, London SE10 9EQ

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London SE10 9ER

Metex Pharmacy, London SE10 9TZ

Tesco In-Store Pharmacy, London SE11 5QU

Paterson Heath and Co Ltd, London SE11 6EE

Lloyds Pharmacy, London SE11 6NJ

Lee Pharmacy, London SE12 0AA

Grove Park Pharmacy, London SE12 0DU

Harris Chemist, London SE12 0EF

Gokul Chemist, London SE12 0JS

Lords Pharmacy, London SE12 8RG

Brook Pharmacy, London SE12 9QL

Lewis Grove Pharmacy, London SE13 6BG

Ruprai Chemist, London SE13 6JZ

Sheel Pharmacy, London SE13 7PA

Rabbett Pharmacy, London SE14 5HD

Sainsburys Pharmacy, London SE14 5UL

Day Lewis Herbert and Lagan Pharmacy, London SE14 6JP

Pe Logan, London SE14 6TA

Kristal Pharmacy, London SE15 3HB

Gregsons Pharmacy, London SE15 3QE

Hutchinson SM (Chemists) Ltd, London SE15 4QY

Hills Chemists, London SE15 5JZ

Day Lewis Duncans Pharmacy, London SE15 5LJ

ABC Pharmacy, London SE15 5SL

Bonamy Pharmacy, London SE16 3HF

Jamacia Road Pharmacy, London SE16 4RT

Campion and Co Chemist, London SE16 7JQ

Ridgway Pharmacy, London SE17 1RL

Ridgway Pharmacy, London SE17 1RL

Superdrug Stores Ltd, London SE17 2AL

DP Pharmacy, London SE17 2SX

Maddock Pharmacy, London SE17 3NH

Moss Chemists, London SE18 1JQ

Temple Pharmacy Ltd, London SE18 1PP

Temple Pharmacy Ltd, London SE18 2NB

Herbert Pharmacy, London SE18 3SH

Weston Ltd, London SE18 3SH

Geepharm Chemists, London SE18 3TN

Ns Warwick Ltd, London SE18 5QE

Lloyds Pharmacy, London SE18 6EU

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London SE18 6NB

Central Chemists, London SE18 7PS

Paxton Pharmacy, London SE19 1QS

Hamlet Pharmacy, London SE19 2AS

Klub Pharmacy Ltd, London SE19 3NG

National Co-Op Chemists Ltd, London SE2 0BS

Qureshpharm, London SE2 0XJ

Asset Chemist Ltd, London SE2 9BB

Browne Af Ltd, London SE2 9UG

Macks Pharmacy, London SE20 7DS

Foster and Sons Chemist, London SE22 0RR

Tanna Chemist, London SE22 8HJ

National Co-Op Chemists Ltd, London SE22 8HU

Sadlers Pharmacy, London SE22 8JN

Macey (Eyekent) Chemist, London SE22 9ET

Rickman Chemists, London SE23 1DB

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London SE23 3HN

Fourway Pharmacy, London SE24 9HU

Fishers Enmore Pharmacy, London SE25 5NT

Naraine's Pharmacy, London SE25 5QF

Day Lewis - Patwood Pharmacy, London SE25 6DP

Day Lewis Beale and Son, London SE25 6EP

Sainsburys Pharmacy, London SE25 6XB

Perfucare, London SE26 4BB

Sainsburys Pharmacy, London SE26 4PU

G Machray Chemist, London SE26 5QW

Superdrug Stores Plc, London SE26 5UA

Pascoe Pharmacy, London SE27 0QT

Superdrug Pharmacy, London SE27 9DL

ABC Drugstores, London SE27 9QY

Morrison Pharmacy, London SE28 8RD

Beechcroft Pharmacy, London SE3 0AX

Lloyds Pharmacy Ltd, London SE3 7BT

Karan Pharmacy, London SE3 7DH

Bentley Chemist, London SE4 2BY

Crofton Park Pharmacy, London SE4 2PJ

Amin Pharmacy, London SE4 2SA

Butterfly Pharmacy, London SE5 8RP

Fourways Chemists, London SE5 8RZ

ABC Pharmacy, London SE5 8TR

Junction Pharmacy, London SE5 9QH

Cambelle Chemist, London SE6 1PH

Hills Chemists, London SE6 1RG

Hills Chemist, London SE6 2JT

Lloyds Pharmacy, London SE6 3BT

Superdrug Stores Ltd, London SE6 4HQ

Sparkes Pharmacy Ltd, London SE6 4LF

Charlton Pharmacy, London SE7 7ED

The Village Pharmacy, London SE7 8UG

Rose Pharmacy, London SE8 3BN

Pepys Pharmacy, London SE8 3QG

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London SE9 1BW

Dickinson Chemist, London SE9 1UT

Stevens RW (Chemists) Ltd, London SE9 2DR

Hn Dickinson, London SE9 2PH

National Co-Op Chemists Ltd, London SE9 3AZ

JK Kanabar, London SE9 3SA

Day Lewis Chemists, London SE9 5ER

National Co-Op Chemists Ltd, London SE9 5PR

Day Lewis Anand, London SE9 6DR

Biacoll (Chemists) Ltd, London SE9 6SN

Wells Of Well Hall, London SE9 6SZ

World's End Pharmacy, London SW10 0LR

Day Lewis Pharmacy, London SW11 1PA

Superdrug Pharmacy, London SW11 1PW

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London SW11 1QN

Clarke Pharmacy, London SW11 1SZ

Barkers Chemist, London SW11 2PH

Barkers Chemists, London SW11 2PH

ABC Drugstores Ltd, London SW11 4LX

Wistrange Ltd, London SW12 0PL

Dexpharm Pharmacy, London SW12 9HR

Jhoots Pharmacy, London SW13 0DQ

Prime Pharmacy, London SW13 9DW

Round The Clock Pharmacy, London SW13 9HH

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London SW14 7NX

Spatetree Pharmacy, London SW14 8AE

Simmonds Chemist, London SW15 1EX

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London SW15 1SS

Husbands Pharmacy, London SW15 2SP

Ashburton Pharmacy, London SW15 3BB

Ashburton Pharmacy, London SW15 3BB

National Co-Op Chemists Ltd, London SW15 4DG

Care Chemists, London SW15 4DQ

Care Chemists, London SW15 4DQ

East Chemist, London SW15 4HJ

Moss Chemists, London SW15 5QJ

Walji R, London SW15 5RW

Regents Pharmacy, London SW15 6SP

Farmer and Co, London SW15 6TL

Prentis Pharmacy Ltd, London SW16 1BB

Superdrug Pharmacy, London SW16 1BB

ABC Pharmacy, London SW16 1EX

Superdrug Pharmacy, London SW16 3LU

Sainsburys Pharmacy, London SW16 3PY

Copes Pharmacy, London SW16 3QQ

Bids, London SW16 4AE

Martins Pharmacy, London SW16 4DT

Watts Pharmacy, London SW16 5SQ

Markrise Limited, London SW16 6LY

Markrise Ltd, London SW16 6LY

Fairoak Pharmacy, London SW16 6NU

C Bradbury, London SW16 6SQ

ABC Pharmacy, London SW17 7AW

ABC Pharmacy, London SW17 7AW

Bellevue Pharmacy, London SW17 7EG

Trinity Pharmacy, London SW17 7RE

Day Lewis Pharmacy, London SW17 8DS

Cospharm Ltd, London SW17 9JQ

Pearl Chemist, London SW17 9NH

The Olde Pharmacy, London SW18 2QE

The Olde Pharmacy Ltd, London SW18 2QE

Shilling Chemist, London SW18 4DH

Shilling Chemist, London SW18 4DJ

Marshgate Pharmacy, London SW18 4SU

Revelstoke Pharmacy, London SW18 5AE

Fazal Pharmacy Ltd, London SW18 5EF

Rivermead Pharmacy, London SW18 5LS

Rivermead Pharmacy Ltd, London SW18 5LS

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London SW18 5LT

Blaze Chemist, London SW18 5LT

Haydons Pharmacy, London SW19 1AE

Day Lewis Pharmacy, London SW19 1DG

Seamans Pharmacy, London SW19 1LY

Chemco Pharmacy, London SW19 1SB

AP Chemist, London SW19 2JE

Moss Chemists, London SW19 3DA

Ridgway Pharmacy, London SW19 4SS

De Davies Limited, London SW19 5EG

CJ Hopkins Chemist, London SW19 6DA

D Parry, London SW19 8AA

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London SW1E 5JH

Victoria Pharmacy, London SW1P 2AF

Star Pharmacy, London SW1P 2HY

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London SW1V 1RY

Walden Chemists, London SW1W 9PJ

Mokwell Pharmacy, London SW2 1AH

New Park Pharmacy, London SW2 4ES

The Pharmacy, London SW2 4ES

Jacksons Chemist, London SW2 4RD

Streatham Pharmacy, London SW2 4UD

SG Manning, London SW2 4UN

Haria RL and HL, London SW20 0RJ

Barkers Chemist, London SW20 8DN

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London SW20 8ND

Hilton Pharmacy, London SW20 9NQ

Boots The Chemist Ltd, London SW3 4UD

Boots The Chemist Ltd, London SW3 4UT

IT Lloyd, London SW3 5EL

Pearl Pharmacy, London SW4 7TR

Superdrug Stores Ltd, London SW4 7UB

Phillips Pharmacy, London SW4 8PN

Oza Chemist, London SW6 1AA

ABC Drugstore, London SW6 1LU

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London SW6 1NF

Superdrug Pharmacy, London SW6 1NN

ABC Pharmacy, London SW6 2TP

CE Harrod Chemists, London SW6 4SR

Goldstrand Pharmacy, London SW6 5SL

Stickland Chemist, London SW7 2NA

Reenas Pharmacy, London SW8 1XW

Halls Chemist, London SW8 2JS

Medirex Pharmacy, London SW8 2UD

Fairlee Queenstown Pharmacy, London SW8 3RY

Vitelow Pharmacy, London SW9 0JG

Superdrug Pharmacy, London SW9 8AE

Pavilion Pharmacy, London SW9 8DJ

Sainsburys Supermarkets Ltd, London W10 5AA

Dr Evans Pharmacy, London W11 2JA

Hamlins Chemist, London W12 7DA

Greenlight Pharmacy, London W12 7JD

Ems Pharmacy, London W12 7JP

Superdrug Pharmacy, London W12 8LR

Babylon Health Ltd, London W12 8NP

Caregrange Pharmacy, London W12 8QQ

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London W13 0SR

Superdrug Pharmacy, London W13 9DX

Mattock Lane Chemist, London W13 9LL

Dearcare Ltd, London W14 0AS

Pharmaram, London W14 9EX

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London W1B 5RA

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London W1C 2JQ

Dajani Pharmacy, London W1G 9TY

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London W1J 8HS

Farmacia Urban Healing, London W1T 2AD

Peter's Pharmacy, London W1U 4HX

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London W2 1HQ

Apex Pharmacy, London W2 1NT

Moores Pharmacy, London W2 3BX

Jallas Chemist, London W3 0BU

Conway Chemists, London W3 0DS

Lloyds Pharmacy, London W3 6AX

SR Pharmacy, London W3 6LP

Kanset Pharmacy, London W3 6PG

D Marcus Jones, London W3 7DA

Banks Chemist, London W3 7DD

Crossbells Pharmacy, London W3 7RQ

Dillons Chemist, London W3 8PU

Lloyds Pharmacy, London W3 8SA

Lloyds Pharmacy, London W3 9RH

D Sperling Chemist, London W4 1LS

Campbells Chemist, London W4 1NP

Churchills Pharmacy, London W4 1PD

Busbys Pharmacy, London W4 3RS

Alisha Pharmacy, London W4 5DG

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London W4 5TA

ABC Drugstores Ltd, London W4 5UY

Lloyds Pharmacy, London W5 1QX

Temple Pharmacy, London W5 1RH

Boots The Chemist, London W5 2NX

Lewis Pharmacy, London W5 2NX

Daru Pharma Ltd, London W5 4RJ

Bramley Pharmacy, London W5 4UA

Stockwell Pharmacy, London W5 5AL

Superdrug Pharmacy, London W5 5JY

Superdrug Pharmacy, London W6 0QB

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London W6 9HW

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London W6 9PA

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London W6 9YD

Bennetts Pharmacy, London W7 1DR

National Co-Op Chemists Ltd, London W7 1JH

Cattaway Chemist, London W7 1LJ

Midhurst Chemist, London W7 2JD

Greenford Chemist, London W7 3DA

Church Pharmacy, London W7 3ST

Boots The Chemist Ltd, London W8 6ND

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London W9 1SY

Remedy's Pharmacy, London W9 1SZ

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London WC1N 1AE

Superdrug Stores Plc, London WC1V 7DA

Essentials Pharmacy, London WC2B 5QA

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London WC2E 8BH

The Garden Pharmacy, London WC2E 9PB

Boots The Chemists Ltd, London WC2N 5HR

Information about the data used to compile this directory:

The information presented here is derived from a database of all 10,079 pharmacies that provide NHS dispensing in England and the point location of those which could be accurately geo-referenced. It shows the static point locations of pharmacies which were operating in December 2006.

It is important to note that the data provide information about the location of pharmacies and not a count of pharmacists or staff at pharmacies operating in England. All pharmacies that are responsible for NHS dispensing and prescriptions are included (including pharmacies in large shops and supermarkets). Although GP Practices have the authority to dispense medicines, they are excluded from this dataset, as are pharmacies in hospitals, mobile services, walk-in services and any pharmacy selling over the counter products only (and not dispensing).

The data are collected by from the Prescription Pricing Authority and included on the database of all public health service establishments in England. This was the best data source available for the location of primary care services, in December 2006. This is maintained by NHS Connecting for Health (formerly National Health Service Information Authority, NHSIA). This does NOT include data from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland which are maintained by their own teams.

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