UK Chemists and Dispensing Pharmacies map
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Choose from the following list of Pharmacies and Chemists in Lancashire,

List of local Chemists and Dispensing Pharmacies, click any of the results below for more details and location map of the Chemists :

Lloyds Pharmacy, Lancashire BB10 1LG

Coopers Chemist Ltd, Lancashire BB10 1QR

B Pearson, Lancashire BB10 4DX

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Lancashire BB11 1QL

Alliance Pharmacy, Lancashire BB11 2EN

Alliance Pharmacy, Lancashire BB11 3BT

Alliance Pharmacy, Lancashire BB11 3ND

Cohens Chemist, Lancashire BB11 4NW

B Pearson, Lancashire BB11 5AL

Bailey and Garrett (Chemists) Ltd, Lancashire BB12 6HX

Bailey and Garrett (Chemists) Ltd, Lancashire BB12 6LH

Cohens Chemist, Lancashire BB12 6PR

Geloo Brothers Ltd, Lancashire BB3 0DA

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Lancashire BB3 1AZ

Lloyds Pharmacy, Lancashire BB3 1ET

Lloyds Pharmacy, Lancashire BB3 2RE

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Lancashire BB4 6QS

Lloyds Pharmacy, Lancashire BB5 0AA

Co-Op Healthcare Pharmacy, Lancashire BB5 0AQ

Lloyds Pharmacy, Lancashire BB5 1EA

Lloyds Pharmacy, Lancashire BB5 1ES

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Lancashire BB5 1EX

Superdrug Pharmacy, Lancashire BB5 1EX

Aston Pharmacy, Lancashire BB5 1RY

Bentleys Chemist, Lancashire BB5 6PJ

Heyes Chemist, Lancashire BB7 1BE

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Lancashire BB7 2BT

Lloyds Pharmacy, Lancashire BB7 2DD

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Lancashire BB8 0HS

CH Leedam and Sons, Lancashire BB8 0QF

Duckworth's Pharmacy Ltd, Lancashire BB8 0RY

Chapel House Pharmacy, Lancashire BB9 0QW

Whitworth Chemist, Lancashire BB9 7LS

Boundary Pharmacy, Lancashire BB9 8RP

Sainsbury's Pharmacy, Lancashire BL3 6DH

Mile Lane Pharmacy, Lancashire BL8 2JR

Peels Chemist, Lancashire BL9 0QL

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Lancashire BL9 0QQ

Bury Pharmacy Ltd, Lancashire BL9 8QA

Grange Pharmacy, Lancashire FY3 7PH

Lloyds Pharmacy, Lancashire FY6 7AA

Co-Op Health Care Ltd, Lancashire FY6 7AP

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Lancashire FY7 6DS

Fleetwood Health Centre Ltd, Lancashire FY7 6HD

Warburtons Chemist, Lancashire FY7 6JZ

Johns (Chemists) Ltd, Lancashire FY7 7LA

L Rowland and Co (Retail) Ltd, Lancashire FY8 1QS

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Lancashire FY8 1SB

Alexandria Pharmacy, Lancashire FY8 1SF

St.Annes Pharmacy Ltd, Lancashire FY8 1UR

St Albans Pharmacy, Lancashire FY8 1UY

Sainsburys Pharmacy, Lancashire FY8 2JE

Melling Pharmacy Ltd, Lancashire FY8 3PU

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Lancashire FY8 5EW

Minton Pharmacy Ltd, Lancashire FY8 5LH

Tomlinsons, Lancashire FY8 5LW

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Lancashire L39 2AA

Rowland L and Co (Retail) Ltd, Lancashire L39 2ES

Safeway Stores Plc, Lancashire L39 3RB

West End Pharmacy, Lancashire LA3 1DA

Yorkshire Street Pharmacy Ltd, Lancashire LA3 1QE

Morecambe Bay Chemist, Lancashire LA3 1QN

Lloyds Pharmacy, Lancashire LA4 5LY

Cohens Chemist, Lancashire LA4 5QT

Forest Pharmacy, Lancashire LA5 9JX

Sainsbury's Pharmacy, Lancashire OL1 1DJ

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Lancashire OL10 1HX

Cohens Chemists, Lancashire OL10 4LY

Bury Pharmacy Ltd, Lancashire OL10 4NL

Internet Pharmacy Ltd, Lancashire OL10 4RG

Cohens Chemists, Lancashire OL11 1NT

L Rowland and Co (Retail) Ltd, Lancashire OL12 6PQ

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Lancashire OL13 9NH

Lloyds Pharmacy, Lancashire OL15 9AB

Lloyds Pharmacy, Lancashire OL16 1DB

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Lancashire OL16 1EA

Superdrug, Lancashire OL16 1EA

Cohens Chemists, Lancashire OL16 1QD

Bamford W and Sons(Chemists) Ltd, Lancashire OL16 2DP

Oldham Road Pharmacy, Lancashire OL16 4TF

Lloyds Pharmacy, Lancashire OL16 5JG

Moss Chemists, Lancashire OL6 6BU

Old Cross Pharmacy, Lancashire OL6 6HF

Moss Chemists, Lancashire OL6 6NE

Asda Pharmacy, Lancashire OL6 7DP

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Lancashire OL6 7JL

Lloyds Pharmacy, Lancashire OL7 0LH

Prestons Pharmacy, Lancashire OL7 9PS

Ddl Davies Ltd, Lancashire PR1 7EN

Croston Pharmacy, Lancashire PR26 9RL

Lloyds Pharmacy, Lancashire PR7 2EE

Lloyds Pharmacy, Lancashire WN1 1HX

Lloyds Pharmacy, Lancashire WN1 1UP

Lloyds Pharmacy, Lancashire WN1 3NH

Rowlands Pharmacy, Lancashire WN5 0PU

England Pharmacy, Lancashire WN6 7PG

A.C. Boydell, Lancashire WN7 5DE

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Lancashire WN8 6ND

Roughwood Chemists Ltd, Lancashire WN8 8LP

Information about the data used to compile this directory:

The information presented here is derived from a database of all 10,079 pharmacies that provide NHS dispensing in England and the point location of those which could be accurately geo-referenced. It shows the static point locations of pharmacies which were operating in December 2006.

It is important to note that the data provide information about the location of pharmacies and not a count of pharmacists or staff at pharmacies operating in England. All pharmacies that are responsible for NHS dispensing and prescriptions are included (including pharmacies in large shops and supermarkets). Although GP Practices have the authority to dispense medicines, they are excluded from this dataset, as are pharmacies in hospitals, mobile services, walk-in services and any pharmacy selling over the counter products only (and not dispensing).

The data are collected by from the Prescription Pricing Authority and included on the database of all public health service establishments in England. This was the best data source available for the location of primary care services, in December 2006. This is maintained by NHS Connecting for Health (formerly National Health Service Information Authority, NHSIA). This does NOT include data from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland which are maintained by their own teams.

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