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Choose from the following list of Pharmacies and Chemists in Kent,

List of local Chemists and Dispensing Pharmacies, click any of the results below for more details and location map of the Chemists :

Scotts Pharmacy, Kent BR1 1LF

Caxton Pharmacy, Kent BR1 1RL

Moss Pharmacy, Kent BR1 5AB

Rowlands Pharmacy, Kent BR2 0TY

Gordon Davie Chemist, Kent BR2 8AR

Scotts Pharmacy, Kent BR2 9QE

Beckenham Pharmacy, Kent BR3 1AH

Beckenham Pharmacy, Kent BR3 1ED

Superdrug Stores Plc, Kent BR3 1EN

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Kent BR3 1EW

Elmers Pharmacy, Kent BR3 3DY

Blackwells Chemists, Kent BR3 3PS

Scotts Pharmacy, Kent BR3 4PR

Peters Chemist, Kent BR3 5NT

Lloyds Pharmacy, Kent BR4 0ND

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Kent BR4 0PU

Westchem, Kent BR4 0PX

Addington Pharmacy, Kent BR4 9BS

Priory Pharmacy, Kent BR6 0JB

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Kent BR6 0LS

Farncray Ltd, Kent BR6 0NQ

Lloyds Pharmacy, Kent BR7 5AF

Williams LM (Chislehurst) Ltd, Kent BR7 5AG

Village Pharmacy, Kent BR8 7RB

National Co-Op Chemists Ltd, Kent BR8 7TG

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Kent BR8 7TL

Swanley Pharmacy, Kent BR8 7TQ

Eckersley Pharmacy, Kent CT1 1WJ

Superdrug Pharmacy, Kent CT1 2SS

Moss Chemists, Kent CT1 3HZ

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Kent CT10 1LH

Superdrug Pharmacy, Kent CT10 1LH

Tyrrell and Jones, Kent CT10 2AD

Courts Pharmacy, Kent CT11 8NN

Paydens Ltd, Kent CT11 8NY

Courts Pharmacy, Kent CT11 9LR

Newington Pharmacy, Kent CT12 6EW

Moss Chemists, Kent CT13 9DA

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Kent CT14 6EL

Paydens Ltd, Kent CT14 6ET

Moss Chemists, Kent CT14 7AP

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Kent CT16 1BH

AA Beggs, Kent CT16 1BW

Scotts Chemist, Kent CT16 1EG

Cairns Chemist, Kent CT17 0SP

Taylors Pharmacy, Kent CT19 4DX

Morgans Chemists, Kent CT19 4ET

McArdle Pharmacy, Kent CT19 5NJ

Mistvale Chemists, Kent CT19 5NR

National Co-Operative Chemists Ltd, Kent CT19 5NU

Porter Chemist, Kent CT2 7AB

University Pharmacy (Delmergate), Kent CT2 7PB

United Pharmacy, Kent CT2 8BN

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Kent CT20 1DP

Guildhall Pharmacy, Kent CT20 1ES

Lloyds Pharmacy, Kent CT20 2BW

Lloyds Pharmacy, Kent CT20 2LQ

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Kent CT21 5JH

Paydens Ltd, Kent CT21 5LE

Moss Chemists, Kent CT3 3EY

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Kent CT5 1AP

Tankerton Pharmacy, Kent CT5 2AJ

Tyrrell and Jones, Kent CT5 2BJ

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Kent CT6 5EB

Borno Chemists Ltd, Kent CT6 5NE

Moss Chemists, Kent CT6 5NE

Daphvale Pharmacy, Kent CT6 5SB

Lloyds Pharmacy, Kent CT6 8QQ

Ferris Pharmacy, Kent CT7 9RA

Courts Chemist, Kent CT7 9RE

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Kent CT8 8RF

Paydens Ltd, Kent CT8 8RF

Paydens Ltd, Kent CT9 1BU

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Kent CT9 1JN

Dane Valley Pharmacy, Kent CT9 2NA

Woolls Pharmacy, Kent CT9 3NR

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Kent DA1 1DE

Paydens, Kent DA1 1HP

Springate and Harrison Ltd, Kent DA1 1YD

Horseman's Place Surgery, Kent DA1 2JP

M.d.moore Pharmacy, Kent DA1 3EN

Hudda A, Kent DA1 3QA

Sainsbury's Pharmacy, Kent DA1 4HN

Daysol Pharmacy, Kent DA1 5HY

Ackers Chemists Ltd, Kent DA10 0HF

Craylands Chemists, Kent DA10 0LS

Darnley Pharmacy, Kent DA11 0HN

NB Pharmacy Ltd, Kent DA11 0LJ

Singlewell Pharmacy, Kent DA11 7QA

Williams Chemists, Kent DA11 8BS

Regent Pharmacy, Kent DA12 1AS

Pender Pharmacy, Kent DA12 2RE

Istead Rise Pharmacy, Kent DA13 9JF

St.Johns Pharmacy, Kent DA14 6EH

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Kent DA14 6EH

Lloyds Pharmacy Ltd, Kent DA14 6EQ

Alkend Ltd, Kent DA14 6QL

Roadnight Chemists, Kent DA15 7DU

Targett Chemist, Kent DA15 8DJ

Olins Pharmacy, Kent DA15 9ER

Hayshine Ltd, Kent DA16 1LN

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Kent DA16 1TY

Lewis BR Chemists Ltd, Kent DA16 3HQ

7 Day Chemist, Kent DA16 3QS

Bellegrove Pharmacy, Kent DA16 3RQ

Lloyds Pharmacy Ltd, Kent DA17 5JE

Knightons Chemist, Kent DA17 5JG

Spadeground Ltd, Kent DA17 5QQ

Joydens Wood Pharmacy, Kent DA2 7NJ

Hodgson Pharmacy, Kent DA3 7QA

Warren Pharmacy, Kent DA5 1AD

Albany Pharmacy, Kent DA5 3HP

Broadway Pharmacy, Kent DA6 7BN

Lloyds Pharmacy Ltd, Kent DA7 4QW

Praise Pharmacy, Kent DA7 5AH

Davidsons Chemists, Kent DA7 6NA

Adeyeye A, Kent DA8 1DB

National Co-Op Chemists Ltd, Kent DA8 2NU

Ormay Chemist, Kent DA8 3HD

Salh KS, Kent DA8 3JH

Ryders Chemist, Kent ME1 1JT

John Leonard, Kent ME1 2BQ

Paydens Ltd, Kent ME1 2DT

Lloyds Pharmacy, Kent ME10 1NQ

Superdrug Pharmacy, Kent ME10 4AJ

National Co-Op Chemists Ltd, Kent ME10 4BL

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Kent ME10 4PL

National Co-Op Chemists Ltd, Kent ME11 5AY

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Kent ME12 1NT

Fenns Chemist, Kent ME12 1TP

Superdrug Pharmacy, Kent ME12 1TX

Mistrys Chemists, Kent ME12 1UA

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Kent ME13 8NU

Carlisle A Ltd, Kent ME13 8PN

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Kent ME14 1BW

Boots The Chemist, Kent ME14 1QP

Paydens Ltd, Kent ME14 1RH

Moss Pharmacy, Kent ME15 6SB

Spires Pharmacy, Kent ME15 8XW

Lloyds Pharmacy, Kent ME16 8SE

Lloyds Pharmacy, Kent ME16 9LH

Moss Chemists, Kent ME19 6NA

Tesco Pharmacy, Kent ME2 2BT

Coles WE Ltd, Kent ME2 2EU

Bryant Road Pharmacy, Kent ME2 3EP

Paydens Ltd, Kent ME4 4PT

National Co-Op Chemists Ltd, Kent ME4 5AD

Palmers Pharmacy, Kent ME4 5SJ

Karsons Pharmacy, Kent ME4 6JR

Delmergate Ltd, Kent ME5 0AA

Delmergate Ltd, Kent ME5 0HD

Delmergate Ltd, Kent ME5 9UR

National Co-Op Chemists Ltd, Kent ME7 1AQ

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Kent ME7 1BS

Westlake Pharmacies, Kent ME7 1XF

Sturdee Avenue Pharmacy, Kent ME7 2HN

Lloyds Pharmacy, Kent ME7 2YW

Westlake Pharmacies, Kent ME7 4LA

Smiths Pharmacy, Kent ME7 5JP

212 Pharmacy, Kent ME7 5XL

Spensley J Ltd, Kent ME8 6JY

Boots The Chemist Ltd, Kent ME8 7HW

Lloyds Pharmacy, Kent ME8 7HW

Fenns Chemist, Kent ME8 9PW

Stevens WGS, Kent ME9 9QL

Browne Af Ltd, Kent SE2 9PT

Browne Af Ltd, Kent SE2 9RH

Ae Hobbs Ltd, Kent TN1 1RJ

Watson Pharmacy, Kent TN1 2EY

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Kent TN1 2TE

Carrs Corner Chemist, Kent TN1 2UN

Gosrani Pharmacy, Kent TN10 4AE

Thompson's Chemist, Kent TN11 9HX

Paydens Ltd, Kent TN13 1AR

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Kent TN13 1XA

Bat and Ball Pharmacy, Kent TN13 3PE

Day Lewis Beveridge Pharmacy, Kent TN13 3TQ

Sainsburys Pharmacy, Kent TN14 5EG

Otford Pharmacy, Kent TN14 5PQ

N L Wade Ltd, Kent TN16 1AN

Day Lewis Pharmacy, Kent TN16 3BA

Fendgrove Ltd, Kent TN16 3XZ

Hawkhurst Pharmacy, Kent TN18 4ES

Greggswood Pharmacy, Kent TN2 3JG

Pembury Pharmacy, Kent TN2 4PH

Imperial Pharmacy, Kent TN2 5TN

Lloyds Pharmacy, Kent TN23 1BE

National Co-Operative Chemists Ltd, Kent TN23 2ER

Ashworth Dispensing Chemist, Kent TN23 7SJ

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Kent TN24 8TB

Sainsbury's Pharmacy, Kent TN24 8YN

The Charing Pharmacy, Kent TN27 0HZ

Ferris Chemist, Kent TN27 9NL

Lloyds Chemists, Kent TN28 8AL

Ferris Chemist, Kent TN29 0NH

National Co-Operative Chemists Ltd, Kent TN29 9AH

Paydens Ltd, Kent TN30 6AU

Hollis Pharmacy, Kent TN4 9EX

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Kent TN8 5AD

Paydens Ltd, Kent TN8 5AJ

Clarke and Coleman, Kent TN9 1BB

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Kent TN9 1SG

Quarry Hill Pharmacy, Kent TN9 2RN

Information about the data used to compile this directory:

The information presented here is derived from a database of all 10,079 pharmacies that provide NHS dispensing in England and the point location of those which could be accurately geo-referenced. It shows the static point locations of pharmacies which were operating in December 2006.

It is important to note that the data provide information about the location of pharmacies and not a count of pharmacists or staff at pharmacies operating in England. All pharmacies that are responsible for NHS dispensing and prescriptions are included (including pharmacies in large shops and supermarkets). Although GP Practices have the authority to dispense medicines, they are excluded from this dataset, as are pharmacies in hospitals, mobile services, walk-in services and any pharmacy selling over the counter products only (and not dispensing).

The data are collected by from the Prescription Pricing Authority and included on the database of all public health service establishments in England. This was the best data source available for the location of primary care services, in December 2006. This is maintained by NHS Connecting for Health (formerly National Health Service Information Authority, NHSIA). This does NOT include data from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland which are maintained by their own teams.

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