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Choose from the following list of Pharmacies and Chemists in Essex,

List of local Chemists and Dispensing Pharmacies, click any of the results below for more details and location map of the Chemists :

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex CB10 1HR

Southminster Pharmacy, Essex CM0 7AA

Alliance Pharmacy, Essex CM0 8BL

Savages, Essex CM0 8BQ

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex CM1 1DD

Melbourne Pharmacy, Essex CM1 2DW

The Village Pharmacy, Essex CM1 3DU

Shadforth Pharmacy Co Ltd, Essex CM1 4DD

Alliance Pharmacy, Essex CM1 4JW

Shadforth Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Essex CM12 0AH

Lloyds Chemists, Essex CM12 9AJ

MW Shadforth, Essex CM12 9AX

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex CM12 9BS

National Co-Op Chemists Ltd, Essex CM13 1LZ

The New Pharmacy, Essex CM14 4RG

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex CM14 4RH

Village Pharmacy, Essex CM15 0NG

Burntwood Pharmacy, Essex CM15 8AG

Rees Pharmacy, Essex CM15 8NL

Waldman's Pharmacy, Essex CM15 9DZ

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex CM16 4BL

Lloyds Chemists, Essex CM16 4DA

North Weald Chemist, Essex CM16 6BU

Theydon Bois Pharmacy, Essex CM16 7EY

Ramco Chemist, Essex CM17 0DN

Potter Street Pharmacy, Essex CM17 9BG

Dees Pharmacy, Essex CM19 5EE

Alliance Pharmacy, Essex CM2 0HY

Waldmans Pharmacy, Essex CM2 6RF

Alliance Pharmacy, Essex CM2 7QS

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex CM20 1JA

Sainsbury Pharmacy, Essex CM20 2AG

Stow Chemists, Essex CM20 3AS

Netteswell Pharmacy, Essex CM20 3NG

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex CM24 1QW

Alliance Pharmacy, Essex CM24 8LN

Alliance Pharmacy, Essex CM3 2HD

The Village Pharmacy, Essex CM3 5NG

Govani Chemists, Essex CM3 5TD

Shadforth Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Essex CM4 9DW

Lloyds Chemists, Essex CM5 9JG

National Co-Op Chemists Ltd, Essex CM5 9JJ

Ropers The Chemist Ltd, Essex CM6 1AB

Yogi Pharmacies Ltd, Essex CM6 1AX

Thaxted Pharmacy, Essex CM6 2LD

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex CM7 1RB

Borno Chemists Ltd, Essex CM7 1UG

A G Pharmacy, Essex CM7 3JN

Amg Pharmacy, Essex CM7 9BY

Borno Chemists Ltd, Essex CM8 1BA

Alliance Pharmacy, Essex CM8 1NE

Lloyds Pharmacy, Essex CM8 2AF

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex CM8 2AR

AMF Medica, Essex CM8 2LX

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex CM9 5PN

Alliance Pharmacy, Essex CO1 1LH

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex CO1 1LX

Alliance Pharmacy, Essex CO1 2AR

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex CO12 3AJ

Borno Chemists Ltd, Essex CO12 4ES

Alliance Pharmacy, Essex CO13 9PT

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex CO13 9PW

RS Wheeler, Essex CO14 8AE

Lloyds Chemists, Essex CO15 1JA

Lloyds Chemists, Essex CO15 1QE

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex CO15 1QN

High Street Pharmacy, Essex CO15 1UQ

Alliance Pharmacy, Essex CO15 3AH

Alliance Pharmacy, Essex CO15 3AY

Alliance Pharmacy, Essex CO15 5UH

The Lighthouse Pharmacy, Essex CO16 9LQ

Lloyds Pharmacy, Essex CO2 8RB

Crouch End Pharmacy, Essex CO3 3EZ

Alliance Pharmacy, Essex CO3 3JB

Mile End Pharmacy, Essex CO4 5EG

Alliance Pharmacy, Essex CO5 8QX

Alliance Pharmacy, Essex CO5 9AE

Marks Tey Pharmacy, Essex CO6 1EB

Castle Pharmacy, Essex CO6 1TS

Alliance Pharmacy, Essex CO6 2PB

Alliance Pharmacy, Essex CO7 0AB

Alliance Pharmacy, Essex CO7 9HA

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex CO9 2JD

The Solar Superstore, Essex CO9 2JN

Lloyds Pharmacy, Essex EN9 1DL

Lloyds Pharmacy, Essex EN9 1EE

Elgon Chemists, Essex EN9 2JL

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex IG1 1DE

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex IG1 1DG

Hitchem, Essex IG1 1HW

Woodlands Pharmacy, Essex IG1 1PR

Patel Chemists, Essex IG1 1XG

P and S Chemist, Essex IG1 2RJ

Britannia Pharmacy, Essex IG1 2RZ

Pelton Chemist, Essex IG1 3AL

Beehive Pharmacy, Essex IG1 3RD

Superdrug, Essex IG1 4NF

Rohpharm Ltd, Essex IG1 4PU

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex IG10 1EZ

Safeway Stores Plc, Essex IG10 1RB

Leach and Burton Ltd, Essex IG10 2NN

Oakwood Pharmacy Ltd, Essex IG10 3EJ

Hutchins Chemist, Essex IG10 4LF

Britannia Pharmacy, Essex IG11 0NZ

Thomas Pharmacy, Essex IG11 7NP

Mayor P, Essex IG11 7PR

Lords Dispensing Chemists, Essex IG11 8EB

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex IG11 8EQ

Superdrug Plc, Essex IG11 8ER

Britannia Pharmacy, Essex IG11 8UN

Britannia Pharmacy, Essex IG11 8UW

Ripple Pharmacy, Essex IG11 9PN

Zadams Chemist, Essex IG3 8TG

Teekay Chemists, Essex IG6 1JN

Lloyds Pharmacy, Essex IG7 4DN

Mayors Chemist Woodford, Essex IG8 0DY

Chrystalls, Essex IG8 0HL

Lloyds Pharmacy, Essex IG8 0XE

Safedale Ltd, Essex IG9 5BY

Easter Pharmacy, Essex IG9 6LL

Mim Pharmacy Ltd, Essex RM1 1DL

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex RM1 3RL

Conn's Chemist, Essex RM10 7AY

Oxlow Chemist, Essex RM10 7YA

Talati NS, Essex RM10 8QS

Day Lewis Pharmacy, Essex RM10 9HX

Scruples Pharmacy, Essex RM10 9LH

Newlands Pharmacy, Essex RM11 1BH

Pharmacare Chemist, Essex RM11 1QH

Whiterose Chemist, Essex RM11 2LG

Aldermans Pharmacy, Essex RM11 3UX

Broadley Chemist Ltd, Essex RM11 3XS

Wavemill Ltd, Essex RM12 4UH

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex RM12 4UL

Wavemill Ltd, Essex RM12 6LL

Day Lewis Pharmacy, Essex RM13 7PP

Day Lewis Pharmacy, Essex RM13 7QX

Bows Chemist, Essex RM13 9JR

Williams Dispensing Chemist, Essex RM13 9TR

Day Lewis Pharmacy, Essex RM14 1RQ

Govani Chemists, Essex RM14 1XN

Nissi-Cross Limited, Essex RM14 2AD

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex RM14 2AJ

Govani Chemists, Essex RM14 2TD

Panchem (Uk) Ltd, Essex RM14 3BS

Ohms Pharmacy, Essex RM15 4AD

Hemants Chemists, Essex RM15 5EE

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex RM15 5EF

South Road Pharmacy, Essex RM15 6NU

Dip's Chemist, Essex RM16 4QR

Sainsbury's Pharmacy, Essex RM16 6QQ

Unicare Pharmacy, Essex RM17 5HH

Lloyds Chemists, Essex RM17 5RY

Steve's Chemist, Essex RM17 6BU

Allcures Pharmacy, Essex RM17 6NA

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex RM17 6NB

Unicare Pharmacy, Essex RM17 6SP

Chapharm Ltd, Essex RM18 8AD

Moss Pharmacy, Essex RM18 8LB

Shadforth Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Essex RM2 5ST

National Co-Op Chemists Ltd, Essex RM3 0BP

Wavemill Associates Ltd, Essex RM3 9PH

Newlands Pharmacies, Essex RM5 3BB

Sainsburys Pharmacy, Essex RM6 6PA

Safedale Ltd, Essex RM7 0TJ

WH Burdess Chemist Ltd, Essex RM7 8BU

Mastaa-Care Pharmacy Ltd, Essex RM8 1BJ

Sandbern Chemist, Essex RM8 1UU

Nuchem, Essex RM8 1YT

Alvin Rose Chemist, Essex RM8 2AJ

David Lewis Chemist, Essex RM8 2AQ

Lloyds Pharmacy, Essex RM8 3NL

Valence Pharmacy, Essex RM8 3UL

Oliver Gregory Ltd, Essex RM9 4ND

Moss Chemists, Essex RM9 4QS

Waller Chemist, Essex RM9 5AQ

Hedgemans Ltd, Essex RM9 6BU

Kry-Ba Pharmacy, Essex RM9 6XA

Bridgwater Pharmacy, Essex SS0 0DH

Kalsons Chemist, Essex SS0 0RJ

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex SS0 7EL

Lloyds Pharmacy, Essex SS0 7LX

Longthornes Pharmacy, Essex SS0 9AU

Mr Gurinder Singh Gill, Essex SS0 9PU

Longthornes Pharmacy, Essex SS0 9SU

Superdrug Stores Plc, Essex SS1 1JD

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex SS1 1LL

Sainsburys Pharmacy, Essex SS1 1PE

Queensway Pharmacy, Essex SS1 2NL

Southchurch Pharmacy, Essex SS1 2PH

Alliance Pharmacy, Essex SS1 2PP

Howells and Harrison (Sthnd) Ltd, Essex SS1 2SG

Bansals Pharmacy, Essex SS1 3ES

RW Oldland, Essex SS1 3EX

Medi Pharm, Essex SS12 0AN

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex SS12 0RA

Garbett Chemist, Essex SS12 9AE

Shadforth Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Essex SS12 9AQ

Moss Chemists, Essex SS12 9NR

Sainsburys Pharmacy, Essex SS13 1SA

Alliance Pharmacy, Essex SS13 3DU

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex SS14 1BA

Timberlog Pharmacy, Essex SS14 1PB

Allcures Pharmacy, Essex SS14 2ER

Alliance Pharmacy, Essex SS14 2HB

Asda Superstore, Essex SS14 3AF

AA Pharmacy, Essex SS14 3JT

Alliance Pharmacy, Essex SS15 5HL

Clayhill Road Pharmacy, Essex SS16 4EX

Allcures Pharmacy, Essex SS16 5DF Plc, Essex SS17 0HD

Allcures Pharmacy, Essex SS17 0HP

Unicare Pharmacy, Essex SS17 7LF

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex SS17 7LL

Unicare Pharmacy, Essex SS17 9AA

Vinods Dispensing Chemists, Essex SS2 4LB

Murray Miller Ltd, Essex SS2 5PW

Earls Hall Pharmacy, Essex SS2 6NW

Shoebury Pharmacy, Essex SS3 9AH

Deejay Pharmacy, Essex SS3 9BX

Howells and Chana, Essex SS3 9DS

National Co-Op Chemists Ltd, Essex SS4 1AJ

Nutan Pharmacy, Essex SS4 3ET

Chemicrest Ltd, Essex SS5 4AZ

Elmswood Chemists, Essex SS5 4QS

Hockley Pharmacy, Essex SS5 5DA

Kanesh Ltd, Essex SS5 6EX

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex SS6 7EJ

Hills Pharmacy, Essex SS6 7JE

Grange Pharmacy, Essex SS6 9AX

Hambro Pharmacy, Essex SS6 9NL

Cartwrights Pharmacy, Essex SS7 1QT

Ujigee Daynite, Essex SS7 2BN

Alliance Pharmacy, Essex SS7 2ND

Wm Morrisons Pharmacy, Essex SS7 2RB

Sainsburys Pharmacy, Essex SS7 3NZ

Rishi Pharmacy Limited, Essex SS7 3PE

Arundel Pharmacy Ltd, Essex SS7 4EF

Lloyds Chemist, Essex SS7 5HA

Elora Pharmacy, Essex SS7 5LN

Sheevnali Ltd, Essex SS7 5UH

Alliance Pharmacy, Essex SS8 0JD

Pharma Healthcare, Essex SS8 0JQ

Boots The Chemists Ltd, Essex SS8 7AG

Alliance Pharmacy, Essex SS8 7AJ

National Co-Op Chemists Ltd, Essex SS8 7AX

Pharma Healthcare, Essex SS8 7BY

Pharma Healthcare, Essex SS8 7RN

Cheems Pharmacy, Essex SS9 1JN

Alliance Pharmacy, Essex SS9 1PE

Vijasmit, Essex SS9 1SW

French's Chemist, Essex SS9 2SW

Elms Pharmacy Ltd, Essex SS9 3NF

Chemys, Essex SS9 4JH

Belfairs Pharmacy, Essex SS9 4LT

Information about the data used to compile this directory:

The information presented here is derived from a database of all 10,079 pharmacies that provide NHS dispensing in England and the point location of those which could be accurately geo-referenced. It shows the static point locations of pharmacies which were operating in December 2006.

It is important to note that the data provide information about the location of pharmacies and not a count of pharmacists or staff at pharmacies operating in England. All pharmacies that are responsible for NHS dispensing and prescriptions are included (including pharmacies in large shops and supermarkets). Although GP Practices have the authority to dispense medicines, they are excluded from this dataset, as are pharmacies in hospitals, mobile services, walk-in services and any pharmacy selling over the counter products only (and not dispensing).

The data are collected by from the Prescription Pricing Authority and included on the database of all public health service establishments in England. This was the best data source available for the location of primary care services, in December 2006. This is maintained by NHS Connecting for Health (formerly National Health Service Information Authority, NHSIA). This does NOT include data from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland which are maintained by their own teams.

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