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Choose from the following list of Opticians in Birmingham,

List of local Opticians, click any of the results below for more details and location map of the Optician :

Eye Q Opticians, Birmingham B1 2HL B1 2HL

Portland Eyecare Ltd, Birmingham B10 0SN B10 0SN

Eurospex Opticians Ltd, Birmingham B10 0UF B10 0UF

Davda Opticians, Birmingham B10 0UN B10 0UN

Peter Garton Optometrist, Birmingham B10 0UN B10 0UN

Scrivens Ltd, Birmingham B10 0XE B10 0XE

VisionCall Midlands Ltd, Birmingham B11 2JP B11 2JP

Community Eyecare (UK) LTD, Birmingham B11 2JP B11 2JP

The Vision Group, Birmingham B11 2NB B11 2NB

Eye 2 Eye Opticians, Birmingham B11 4BS B11 4BS

Maxton Saunders, Birmingham B11 4BS B11 4BS

Optical Clinic, Birmingham B11 4DA B11 4DA

Visualize Opticians, Birmingham B11 4HA B11 4HA

Banks Opticians, Birmingham B11 4LD B11 4LD

AS Gill Optometrists, Birmingham B11 4LP B11 4LP

Peter E Waite Optometrist, Birmingham B12 0YR B12 0YR

Eyecon, Birmingham B12 8AR B12 8AR

Opticare Ophthalmic Opticians, Birmingham B12 8JS B12 8JS

Dr Michael Wolffe, Birmingham B13 8DH B13 8DH

Eye Society Opticians, Birmingham B13 8HW B13 8HW

Pabari Opticians Ltd, Birmingham B13 8JG B13 8JG

School Road Opticians, Birmingham B14 4BJ B14 4BJ

Maypole Eye Clinic, Birmingham B14 5EZ B14 5EZ

Penzer Opticians, Birmingham B14 5HG B14 5HG

Vincent Roberts Optometrist, Birmingham B14 6EB B14 6EB

Boots Opticians Ltd, Birmingham B14 7BW B14 7BW

Portland Eyecare Ltd, Birmingham B14 7EG B14 7EG

Dollond & Aitchison, Birmingham B14 7JQ B14 7JQ

Kingsheath Visionplus Ltd T/A Specsavers Opticians, Birmingham B14 7LG B14 7LG

Scrivens Ltd, Birmingham B14 7LG B14 7LG

The Vision Group, Birmingham B15 1LD B15 1LD

S W Optics Ltd, Birmingham B15 2TT B15 2TT

Peter Ian McLauchlan, Birmingham B16 9HN B16 9HN

Dollond & Aitchison, Birmingham B16 9RR B16 9RR

Birmingham Focus on Blindness, Birmingham B17 9AX B17 9AX

Brittain Opticians Ltd, Birmingham B17 9NR B17 9NR

Looks Opticians Ltd, Birmingham B17 9PN B17 9PN

Peter Bainbridge Optometrists, Birmingham B17 9PP B17 9PP

Eyecentre Opticians, Birmingham B18 4HA B18 4HA

Manjot Optical, Birmingham B18 4HD B18 4HD

Heilbron, Foster & McLauchlan, Birmingham B19 1NH B19 1NH

Specs Direct, Birmingham B19 2SX B19 2SX

Gallery Opticians, Birmingham B19 2TJ B19 2TJ

Clipwell Ltd T/A Piccadilly Opticians, Birmingham B2 4HD B2 4HD

The Contact Lens Practice Ltd, Birmingham B2 4JD B2 4JD

Specsavers Opticians, Birmingham B2 4RQ B2 4RQ

Scrivens Ltd, Birmingham B2 4UG B2 4UG

Vision Express (UK) Ltd, Birmingham B2 4XA B2 4XA

4 Sight Opticians, Birmingham B2 4XD B2 4XD

Bannister Opticians, Birmingham B2 5EF B2 5EF

Dollond & Aitchison, Birmingham B2 5JS B2 5JS

Eurospex Opticians, Birmingham B21 9NA B21 9NA

Ward (Ophthalmic Opticians) Ltd, Birmingham B21 9RN B21 9RN

K G Miles, Birmingham B21 9SE B21 9SE

Bansal Opticians, Birmingham B21 9SF B21 9SF

Ward Opticians, Birmingham B23 6QU B23 6QU

Specsavers Opticians, Birmingham B23 6RS B23 6RS

Hammersley's Vision, Birmingham B23 6SA B23 6SA

Peter Bainbridge Optometrists, Birmingham B23 6SN B23 6SN

Scrivens Ltd, Birmingham B23 6SN B23 6SN

Charles Morris Optometrist, Birmingham B23 6TB B23 6TB

Banks Opticians, Birmingham B23 7JG B23 7JG

Neil Berry Optometrist, Birmingham B24 9LY B24 9LY

Community Eye Care, Birmingham B24 9QR B24 9QR

ZMP: Community Eyecare (UK) Ltd, Birmingham B24 9QR B24 9QR

Community Eyecare (UK) Ltd, Birmingham B24 9QR B24 9QR

Boots Opticians Ltd, Birmingham B24 9QS B24 9QS

Dollond & Aitchison, Birmingham B25 8LL B25 8LL

Optical Express, Birmingham B25 8UR B25 8UR

J Ellis Opticians, Birmingham B25 8UT B25 8UT

Krystal Vision, Birmingham B26 1AD B26 1AD

Scrivens Ltd, Birmingham B26 3JB B26 3JB

Dollond & Aitchison, Birmingham B26 3JH B26 3JH

Dollond & Aitchison, Birmingham B27 6BH B27 6BH

Looks Opticians, Birmingham B27 6BP B27 6BP

Banks Opticians, Birmingham B27 6RA B27 6RA

Alan Tyler Opticians, Birmingham B27 7PS B27 7PS

Special Eyes, Birmingham B28 0HT B28 0HT

Waddam Opticians Ltd, Birmingham B28 0XB B28 0XB

Optical eye Lusions, Birmingham B28 9ET B28 9ET

Scrivens Ltd, Birmingham B29 5QH B29 5QH

Knights Ophthalmic Opticians, Birmingham B29 5QL B29 5QL

J D Mason, Birmingham B29 6AU B29 6AU

Williams Optometrist, Birmingham B29 6HX B29 6HX

Knights Ophthalmic Opticians, Birmingham B29 6PU B29 6PU

Maginnis Opticians (Optometrists) Ltd, Birmingham B30 2JR B30 2JR

Eyeworld Optometrists, Birmingham B30 3DJ B30 3DJ

Scrivens Ltd, Birmingham B30 3EG B30 3EG

Marsh Optical, Birmingham B31 2JZ B31 2JZ

Scrivens Ltd, Birmingham B31 2NG B31 2NG

Specsavers Opticians, Birmingham B31 2NN B31 2NN

Dollond & Aitchison, Birmingham B31 2NS B31 2NS

Eyewise, Birmingham B31 2NS B31 2NS

Virdi-Smith & Associates, Birmingham B31 2NS B31 2NS

Specs Direct, Birmingham B31 2PA B31 2PA

Pabari Opticians Ltd, Birmingham B31 3JW B31 3JW

Myoptics Opticians, Birmingham B32 4HB B32 4HB

Opti-call Opticians, Birmingham B33 9HE B33 9HE

Scrivens Ltd, Birmingham B33 9SB B33 9SB

K G Harris Opticians, Birmingham B34 7AG B34 7AG

Buchan (Chemists) LTD, Birmingham B36 0BX B36 0BX

Scrivens Ltd, Birmingham B36 8DT B36 8DT

S W Optics Ltd, Birmingham B36 8TY B36 8TY

J Ellis (Opticians) Ltd, Birmingham B36 9AD B36 9AD

Specsavers, Birmingham B37 5TP B37 5TP

Dollond & Aitchison, Birmingham B37 5TX B37 5TX

I.M. Hadfield, Birmingham B37 6BB B37 6BB

Maginnis Opticians (Optometrists) Ltd, Birmingham B37 7AE B37 7AE

J D Mason, Birmingham B38 0SD B38 0SD

Montague Canin, Birmingham B4 6TB B4 6TB

Aston University, Birmingham B4 7ET B4 7ET

Optical Express, Birmingham B4 7SL B4 7SL

P E Waite Optometrist, Birmingham B42 1EH B42 1EH


Attewell Opticians, Birmingham B43 6NR B43 6NR

R J Owen Opticians, Birmingham B44 0QU B44 0QU

Scrivens Ltd, Birmingham B44 8PL B44 8PL

Jones Opticians, Birmingham B44 8QT B44 8QT

Scrivens Ltd, Birmingham B44 9HH B44 9HH

Vernon Walker Opticians, Birmingham B44 9HH B44 9HH

The Spectacle Company, Birmingham B44 9ST B44 9ST

Barnt Green Opticians, Birmingham B45 8NF B45 8NF

Martin Edge Contact Lenses, Birmingham B45 9JR B45 9JR

Williams Optometrists, Birmingham B45 9JW B45 9JW

Scrivens Opticians, Birmingham B46 3AG B46 3AG

Dollond & Aitchison, Birmingham B5 4BA B5 4BA

Vision Express, Birmingham B5 4BE B5 4BE

Metro Opticians, Birmingham B5 4RQ B5 4RQ

Roots Opticians, Birmingham B6 6HZ B6 6HZ

Davda Opticians, Birmingham B6 6PD B6 6PD

S.H.A Abdi Opticians, Birmingham B6 6SP B6 6SP

Costco Wholesale UK Ltd, Birmingham B7 5SA B7 5SA

Eurospex Opticians Ltd, Birmingham B8 1HU B8 1HU

Onkar Eyecare Opticians, Birmingham B8 1NH B8 1NH

S Kaderbhai, Birmingham B8 2HR B8 2HR

Diascreen Ltd, Birmingham B8 3DZ B8 3DZ

Ophthalmic Care Opticians, Birmingham B8 3PX B8 3PX

Alliance Optical Co Ltd, Birmingham B8 7EP B8 7EP

Sodha Optometrists, Birmingham B8 7ND B8 7ND

The Vision Group, Birmingham B9 5PU B9 5PU

Heartlands, Birmingham B9 5XF B9 5XF

Information about the data used to compile this directory:

The information presented here is derived from a database of all 6,185 opticians (ophthalmic establishments) in England and the point location of those which could be accurately geo-referenced. It shows the static point locations of opticians which were operating in December 2006.

It is important to note that the data provide information about the location of ophthalmic establishments and not a count of opticians or ophthalmic staff in England. Details of mobile optical practices, that visit homes, day centres and residential care homes and ophthalmic hospitals (secondary care) are not included in this dataset.

The data form a subset of information collected from a database of all public health service establishments in England. This was the best data source available for the location of primary care services, in December 2006. This is maintained by NHS Connecting for Health (formerly National Health Service Information Authority, NHSIA). This does not include data from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland which are maintained by their own teams.

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