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You managed to find an MOT Test Centre in Flint:
Ats Euromaster Limited, 31 Chester Road, Flint, CH6 5DT

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Everyone who uses a vehicle on the road must keep it in a roadworthy condition. The MOT test checks that vehicles meet road safety and environmental standards. The first MOT test for a vehicle is required when it's three years old. There are different rules if it's used as a taxi.

The MOT certificate confirms that at the time of the test, without dismantling it, the vehicle met the minimum acceptable environmental and road safety standards required by law. It doesn't mean that the vehicle is roadworthy for the length of time the certificate is valid. The MOT certificate is also no guarantee of the general mechanical condition of your vehicle. The test doesn't cover the condition of the engine, clutch or gearbox.

The Ordnance Survery OS map of Flint alongside shows the approximate location of the MOT Test Centre at Ats Euromaster Limited, Flint CH6 5DT.

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MOT Test Centres in England:
Ats Euromaster Limited, 31 Chester Road, Flint, CH6 5DT
VTS (Vehicle Testing Station) Site Number: 7814A7.

Classes of MOT Test carried out at this location:

Test Class 4
Vehicle types:
Cars (up to 8 passenger seats)
Motor caravans
3 wheeled vehicles (over 450 kg unladen weight)
Quads (max unladen weight 400 kg - for goods vehicles 550 Kg and max net power of 15 kw)
Dual purpose vehicles
Private hire and public service vehicles (up to 8 seats)
Ambulances and taxis
Private passenger vehicles and ambulances (9-12 passenger seats)

Test Class 7
Vehicle type
Goods vehicles (over 3,000 kg up to 3,500 kg DGW)

Additional local information:
You can view a UK postcode area map of CH6 5DT, Flint,

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MOT Test Classes available at Ats Euromaster Limited CH6 5DT:
MOT Test Class 4
MOT Test Class 7

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