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Choose from the following list of Dentists surgeries offering NHS treatment in Nottingham,

List of local Dentists surgeries:

Carlton Hill Dental Care, Newark NG4 1GD

Dental Practice, Nottingham NG4 3AY

Choices Dental Care Centre, Nottingham NG4 3GY

Nottingham Oral Health Centre, Nottingham NG5 1FW

Holly Tree House Dental Surgery, Nottingham NG5 2EF

Grange Dental Care, Nottingham NG5 2EL

Sherwood Dental Centre, Nottingham NG5 2GE

Woodthorpe Dental Care, Nottingham NG5 4JH

Rise Park Dental Health Centre, Nottingham NG5 5DF

Pedmore Valley Dental Practice, Nottingham NG5 5NX

Miss D Evans, Nottingham NG5 5TQ

Daybrook Dental Practice, Nottinghamshire NG5 6GY

The Arnold Dental Centre, Nottingham NG5 7DJ

Dr Drew Dental Practice, Nottingham NG5 7ED

Main Street Dental Practice, Nottingham NG6 8QH

Bulwell Dental Practice, Nottingham NG6 9JQ

Derby Road Dental Practice, Nottingham NG7 1PZ

Cripps Dental Centre, Nottingham NG7 2RD

Dental Practice, Nottingham NG7 5DR

Gregory Boulevard Family Dental Centre, Nottingham NG7 5JA

Boulevard Dental Practice, NG7 5JE

Beech House Practice, Nottingham NG7 6JL

Family Dental Care Centre, Nottingham NG7 7DA

Dental Practice, Nottingham NG8 1HQ

Wollaton Park Dental Practice, Nottingham NG8 2BH

Dental Practice, Nottingham NG8 2DS

Grangewood Dental Practice, Nottingham NG8 2QP

Wollaton Dental Care, Nottingham NG8 2QP

Nuthall Dental Centre, Nottingham NG8 5DN

Family Dental Care Centre, Nottingham NG8 5GA

Smilestyle Dental Centre, Nottingham NG8 5ND

Dental Practice, Nottingham NG9 1BS

Peveril Road Dental Practice, Nottingham NG9 2HY

R O Lewthwaite & Associates, Nottingham NG9 2QG

Pamela Wards Dental Practice, Nottingham NG9 5EH

Dental Practice, Nottinghamshire NG9 6GR

Hillside Dental Practice, Nottingham NG9 8AR

Dental Practice, Nottingham NG9 8EY

Information about the data used to compile this directory:

The information presented here is derived from a database of all 7,994 dental surgeries that provide NHS services to patients or offer a mixture of NHS and private care in England and the point location of those which could be accurately geo-referenced. It shows the static point locations of dental surgeries which were operating in December 2006.

It is important to note that the data provide information about the location of individual dental surgeries and not a count of NHS dentists or dental staff operating in England. There may be more than one dental surgery operating within a practice. Please note that dental services provided in hospitals (e.g. some orthodontics), mobile dentistry services and premises that wholly provide private dentistry (and not NHS) are excluded from this dataset.

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