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Choose from the following list of Doctors and Local GP's surgeries offering treatment in Kent,

List of local Doctors and GP's surgeries, click any of the results below for more details and location map of the Doctors surgery:

Dysart Surgery, Kent BR1 1HN

Dr GNANACHELVAN & partner, Kent BR1 4AD


Southborough Lane Surgery, Kent BR2 8AA

Dr HARRISON & partners, Kent BR3 4PR

Dr WHITTAKER & partners, Kent BR4 0PU

Dr YOUNG & partner, Kent BR4 9PS


Dr Brennan & Partners, Kent BR6 8HX

Dr GNANACHELVAN & partner, Kent BR6 9PN

Dr Eaves D L & Partners, Kent CT1 3AP

Dr Khemani S C & Partner, Kent CT10 2AF

Dr Akyol A & Partners, Kent CT12 6EW

Dr Geewater D M J & Partner, Kent CT13 9DL

Dr Ford M R & Partner, Kent CT14 9BX

Dr Premnath P & Partner, Kent CT16 2NL

Dr Than Htut T, Kent CT19 5PJ

Dr Po-Ba L, Kent CT19 6EJ

Dr Tasou A & Partner, Kent CT2 8SG

Dr Hossain M A & Partners, Kent CT20 1EJ

Dr Findlay G H & Partners, Kent CT20 2HN

Dr Chandrakumar M, Kent CT21 5JY

Dr Shar M B, Kent CT5 4JQ

Dr Turtle J A & Partners, Kent CT8 8SN

Dr Rahman T A, Kent CT9 1BD

Dr Kazmie M, Kent CT9 2AL

Dr T.P Patel, Kent DA1 4AN

Dr J.C Sarkar, Kent DA1 4JL

Dr Shah S U D, Kent DA12 1EN

Dr Singh J, Kent DA12 2HU

Dr King S G & Partners, Kent DA12 4JW

Dr Zala N N, Kent DA12 4RQ

Dr O'connor D C & Partners, Kent DA12 5TY


Dr B. J. Oliver & Partners, Kent DA14 4TA

Sidcup Medical Centre, Kent DA14 6BU

Dr Nichols & Partners, Kent DA15 7DS

Dr K. A. Ritchie & Partners, Kent DA15 8DF


Drs Anto M.K,Patel H & Fish P.D, Kent DA16 2HE

Dr GILL & partner, Kent DA16 2JZ

Drs Chahal J.K,Baruah A.C & Dhital A.P, Kent DA16 3AF

Dr GUPTA & partner, Kent DA16 3LP

Dr WAHEED & Partner, Kent DA16 3NF

Dr W Cotter & Partners, Kent DA16 3RE

Dr ADAGRA, Kent DA17 5JG

Dr V Bhalla, Kent DA17 5LQ

Drs Barrett,Ross,R Dave & S Dave, Kent DA17 6EZ

Dr ADAGRA, Kent DA17 6JJ

Dr Timeyin E.A, Kent DA5 1AP

Dr SYKES & partners, Kent DA5 1HU

Dr Mehta & partners, Kent DA6 7LP


Dr M.D Easwar, Kent DA7 4TT

Dr THAVAPALAN & partner, Kent DA7 5HL

Dr KUMAR, Kent DA7 5LB

Dr MANIS, Kent DA7 5RF

Dr V. S PATEL, Kent DA7 6HD

Dr MAIZELS & partners, Kent DA7 6HZ

Dr SANTAMARIA & partner, Kent DA7 6NW

Drs Sharma A.K & Nandra K.S, Kent DA8 1BJ

Dr Sellappah S, Kent DA8 1HW

Dr MANIS, Kent DA8 1RQ

Dr V. S PATEL, Kent DA8 1RQ


Dr Redman J H & Partner, Kent ME1 1QE

Dr Syed S & Partners, Kent ME1 2AY

Dr Wilcox K E & Partners, Kent ME10 1ND

Dr Mahtha S K, Kent ME10 1NQ

Dr Morrish C H F, Kent ME10 1NQ

Dr Venkatachalam D N, Kent ME10 1NQ

Dr Beerstecher H J, Kent ME10 4JA

Dr Cantor F M & Partners, Kent ME10 4RU

Dr Harland T G & Partners, Kent ME14 1DZ

Dr Thomas J G, Kent ME14 1EW

Dr Gardner R F A & Partners, Kent ME14 1RU

Dr Patel S A & Partner, Kent ME14 1UN

Dr Sinha G C, Kent ME15 9AP

Dr Harland T G & Partners, Kent ME16 0DP

Dr Vibhuti R, Kent ME16 8SE

Dr Lee K W & Partners, Kent ME3 0BY

Dr Lee K W & Partners, Kent ME3 8SF

Dr Khan M A & Partner, Kent ME4 5SJ

Dr Qureshi K N, Kent ME4 6JL

Dr Mahapatra K S & Partners, Kent ME5 0AA

Dr Mir A R, Kent ME5 0HD

Dr Huxham C D & Partners, Kent ME7 4AX

Dr Jana P P, Kent ME7 4HH

Nelson Road Practice- Managed, Kent ME7 4LT

Dr Rahman M & Partner, Kent ME7 4PG

Dr Silhi R B, Kent ME7 5LH

Dr Patel M G, Kent ME8 6BD

Dr Dholakia R P, Kent ME8 6EY

Dr Croft R T & Partner, Kent TN1 2ED

Dr Jutting I G C & Partners, Kent TN10 4JB

Dr Hull K E & Partners, Kent TN13 3NT

Dr Evans D K & Partners, Kent TN14 7TB

Dr SINGH & partner, Kent TN16 3XS

Dr Kanegaonkar V G & Partners, Kent TN28 8ES

Dr Kanegaonkar V G & Partners, Kent TN29 0NX

Dr Sachdeva L, Kent TN4 9LL

Information about the data used to compile this directory:

The information presented here is derived from a database of all 10,586 GP surgeries in England and the point location of those which could be accurately geo-referenced. It shows the position of the main surgery site of the GP Practice and any branch surgeries, which were operating in December 2006. Other health services such as those offered by mobile health professionals, NHS 'Walk In ' centres and home visits are not covered. Therefore, this dataset should be viewed as a part of a wider provision of primary care health services.

It should also be noted that patients might choose to register with their preferred GP and GP Practice, which may or may not be the one that is closest to their home address. GPs also have discretion over which patients are registered with them.

The data form a subset of information collected from a database of all public health service establishments in England. This was the best data source available for the location of primary care services, in December 2006. This is maintained by NHS Connecting for Health (formerly National Health Service Information Authority, NHSIA). This does NOT include data from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland which are maintained by their own teams.

Doctor Bob says "Look after your health in Kent, and it will look after you!"